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Breezy Hill's Crazy About Suki
In 2009, I started looking for a Bullmastiff female because I really loved the breed. When I seen Suki's sire I thought to myself.. What a well balanced good looking dog. I emailed Mary with DreamAcres if they had any puppies by Simba VIII. Which she said there was a 7 month old red fawn daughter for sale. That I would not be disappointed in the bitch.

I took one look at the picture of Suki and knew she was the bullmastiff I was looking for. I have been taking conformation handling classes with Suki which I get a lot of comments on how beautiful she is, balanced and surprised the breeder let her go.

I just know I am happy to own Suki.
Simba VIII (Suki's Sire)
Last vet check Suki came in at 129.6 pounds and 26 inches tall. Big girl!