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Cool Kat Class
I cannot say enough good things about this mare’s ability to produce a quality foal. I am so blown away with Cool Kat Class’ first foal Politically Tender. I am so thankful, I bought her. I mark her purchase as a positive move in the right direction in my breeding program as I did when I bought Nu Star Tender 14 years ago.

Kat is a big mare, at 16.2 and 1500 pounds (at top weight) she is what I look for in a mare. She has mature to the size of her dam who is 16.3 and 1550/1600 pounds (at top weight).
                                   Kat is bred to
                                   SS Change of Luck
                                   for a 2011 foal
2001 AQHA/ABRA 16.2 Dun