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Politically Tender
I expect Colbe to top off at 16.3 to 17.1 and a good 1600 pounds. Want to breed large halter horses? Are you looking for a N/N Halter Stallion to breed to your N/H mares? Colbeís dam and granddam are VERY large mares. Dam is 16.2 and 1500 pounds & Granddam is 16.3 and 1600.

We have been taking Colbe to the schooling shows exposing him to different situations. He has done very well at all of them. I donít see why Colbe cannot go in about any direction a person would want to take him. He is pretty moving and very eye catching. Colbeís sire has proven himself in the show ring and breeding barn. Hi dam has am/open ABRA halter points with limited showing and this is her first foal.
2009 AQHA/ABRA 15.1 Dun
I have priced Colbe at $15,000. Colbe will only get better as he matures. He is currently 15.1 and 1000 pounds as a yearling.

co-owned with Hollowbar Horses